John Roach

Much of John Roach's work explores the sound that is bound up in materials and objects, flasks appear to bubble and pop on their own, pseudo-scientific experiments torque plaster with heat and cold, and glass percussion instruments shaped by patterns of human DNA are smashed to bits. Radio is a natural extension of this this exploratory process as it extracts sounds swimming through the air.

Recent Projects include: ""The Tactile Transducers"" (2016) in Lommel Belgium, a collaboration with glassblowers in which the memories of a local drummer were given physical form in glass and then used as instruments for a live performance; ""Instrument as Studio"" (2015) at NARS in Brooklyn, NY where I turned my work space inside out, projecting live video and sound of the sonic experiments unfolding in my studio/laboratory onto the floor of the gallery; and ""Gene Splicing"" (2016) developed for the festival 9e2 in Seattle, a celebration of the 50 year anniversary of 9 Evenings - Theatre & Engineering."