The WFMU Hoof'n'Mouth Tabernacle Choir led by Kurt Gottschalk

Kurt Gottschalk is a journalist, musician and the producer/host of the weekly Miniature Minotaurs radio program on WFMU. An interest in what Anthony Braxton brilliantly termed the "post Ayler/Cage continuum" informs much of that work. He has explored working with multiple layers of spoken text with the WFMU Hoof'n'Mouth Tabernacle Choir, an assemblage of fellow DJs willing to humor his whims. He has also explored text-based composition in the duo rahrahree! with poet/musician Tamara Yadao. Current projects include arrangements of Cage lectures and a game piece made of deconstructed Cage scores for the duo Ecstasy Mule, both of which will be presented in September, and a recording of Cage’s compositions for radios with John McDonough to be issued by Mode Records. As a journalist, he has written for All About Jazz, Signal to Noise, The Wire, Guitar Player, the NYC Jazz Record, the Brooklyn Rail and Time Out-New York, and outlets in Canada, France, Germany, Portugal and Russia. In 2011 he published Little Apples, his first collection of fiction.