Raphael Lyon (Mudboy)

Raphael Lyon

Raphael Lyon.

"IS:IS," Raphael Lyon (Mudboy)

"IS:IS," Raphael Lyon (Mudboy). during Radio Festival NYC 2009 at the Ontological Theater. (Oct 22, 2009)

LoVid during Radio Retreat/Festival 2007

LoVid during Radio Retreat/Festival 2007. at free103point9 Wave Farm. LoVid's artist presentation. Pictured (clockwise from the top): LoVid, James Rouvelle, Joshua Fried, Victoria Estok, Todd Merrell, Raphael Lyon, John Roach, Lee Azzarello, Sarah Kanouse, Marisa Olson, Scott Smallwood (Oct 13, 2007)

Radio Retreat/Festival Participants

Radio Retreat/Festival Participants . Each artist presentation was followed by a group discussion. Pictured (clockwise from the top): James Rouvelle, Joshua Fried, Victoria Estok, Todd Merrell, Raphael Lyon, John Roach, Lee Azzarello, Shawn Onsgard, Michael Garofalo, Sarah Kanouse (Oct 13, 2007)

Sing Sun Room, Matt Bua

Sing Sun Room, Matt Bua. Wave Farm Transmission Sculpture Garden, Acra, NY. Raphael Lyon and Dlisah play Sing Sun Room (Jul 08, 2007)

Raphael Lyon

Raphael Lyon. Performing

Raphael Lyon is an installation and sound artist specializing in the production of wonder in dark spaces, magic in the lit ones, and meditations on the shape of life. As "mudboy" he performs music, shows internationally, and is represented by the Mountainfold gallery in New York.

For the past 10 years Lyon has curated and produced for the FreeMatterfortheBlind.com record label, (Fm4tb) whose tag line is "Strange Sounds for Strange People." Fm4tb focuses on underground sound art with a special attention to hand made packaging and limited releases. Out of print Items are re-released on the WFMU free music archive.

Lyon is also closely associated with the concept of "Dark Cinema" and the production of immersive sound only narratives. He is interested in the neurological effects, and semiotic function of recordings and is currently working on the development of a new and unique paradigm that explains the semiotic role of sound in sound narratives, and its relationship to the guided experiences found in hypnotic trance induction.

To facilitate the release of non traditional art work and sound, Lyon created the website www.posterdisc.com which allows artists, musicians and labels to create their own mp3 download coupons for attaching to any object, whether it be a poster, sculpture or a vinyl record. Each coupon has a unique code and can be easily printed out on a home printer as a card or a sticker.

Recent installation work, designed for dark spaces, uses interactive hi tech LED technology controlled by programmable microchips to mimic chaotic patterns found in the natural world. He has recently purchased two large weather balloons, "for experiments," placing him in a special fraternity of unique individuals. Lyon lives in works in Providence RI USA.

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