Masaki Fujihata

Masaki Fujihata is a new media artist based in Tokyo, Japan. Fujihata started out in the 1980s working in the fields of computer graphics and animation. Among his most known early works are his Computer Generated Sculptures; small-scale sculptures perceivable only with the use of a microscope. The dramatic advances in digital technology during 1990s greatly instructed Fujihata"s creative practice. His works, imbued with the special features unique to the newest technologies in interactive art, virtual reality and networking, raised a variety of issues that had never emerged in earlier media of expression. "Beyond Pages" (1995-1997) and "Global Interior Project #2" (1996, Golden Nica, Prix Ars Electronica, Austria) affirm Fujihata's pionnering vision to use technology in a manner that interacts, augments or questions the audience's awareness and perception of reality. Attuned to this conceptual and creative framework are his projects using GPS systems entitled 'field works. 'Field works' are an ongoing project, initiated in the early nineties, and are showcased internationally; 'Simultaneous Echos' is the latest edition of the series, created in Ireland as part of the ISEA Festival, 2009. His more recent and first major UK exhibition to date is "The conquest of imperfection", first showed at CCGA, Kohriyama, Japan and in 2008 at the Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK.

Masaki Fujihata's works and projects that are born from his unique philosophy and playful ideas are highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad. Embracing the unique perspective that the realm of reality is probably more imperfect than its digital contester, Fujihata has sought, through use of new media, to fulfill this vision by transcending reality. Through his works, the way we view the world itself is shaken to the core. Fujihata makes us ponder what reality is, how it is perceived-questions that we normally pay no heed to- and how we should approach and react to the new world order that will be created by the media of the future.