N.N.N. Cook

Multi-disciplinary sound and visual artist, Nathan Cook runs the Close/Far Recordings cassette label. He performs solo and actively seeks out collaborations as N.N.N. Cook. Regularly performing in St. Louis he has shared programs with national and international artists such as Keith Fullerton Whitman, Jozef Van Wissem, Jason Kahn, Coppice, King Britt, and Rene Hell as well as collaborating and performing with local artists such as Regicide Bureau, Ghost Ice, Kingston Family Singers, Chris Smentkowski, Kevin Harris, and Raglani. Although he has performed in Chicago, Kansas City, and Tulsa among other Midwestern cities most of his performances have been in St. Louis at The Saint Louis Contemporary Art Museum, The William A. Kerr Foundation, The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, Apop Records, Floating Laboratories, The Way Out Club, and The Open Lot. In 2013, Cook was invited to co-curate the annual Noise Festival at The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, and recent public projects have been collaborations with the Laumeier Sculpture Park (St. Louis) for Site/Sound, the World Chess Hall of Fame (St. Louis) for a performance of John Cage’s Reunion, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis for Audible Interruptions, a residency with High Concept Laboratories (Chicago), a performance for the Oscillations 2014 concert series at Experimental Sound Studios (Chicago), an end of the 2014 season showcase performance for the New Music Circle (St. Louis), a commissioned composition for Alarm Will Sound (NYC), and in October 2015 he performed at Worm (Rotterdam) with Nyfolt and recorded in their Klangendum studio for a forthcoming album. Cook is currently compiling Rhizomatic St. Louis Volume 4, an annually released compilation of sound art, free improvisation, and electronic and electroacoustic music from artists currently living and working in the St. Louis area, which is due out Winter 2015/16. According to The Wire magazine, in a review of his latest solo release (Bl)end User, “Nathan Cook is a distinctive voice in this crowded field. [of analogue electronics].”