Bart Woodstrup

Bart Bridger Woodstrup (1973, Sycamore, IL, USA) explores processes for the conversion of data from the meteorological spectrum into sound and image. He is especially intrigued by weather modification techniques that mitigate adverse climatological events. This work is an investigation into the relationship between environmental issues and new technology with an emphasis upon the cultural integration of these tools and their use for ecological stewardship.

His work includes: "Gathering Lore" - a visualization and sonification of weather data that interfaces with a database of historical weather folklore and acts as a bridge between technology and myth; "Climate Control " - an orgone-powered Cloudbuster simulator; and "Sound Seeds"- small, green-powered sound devices capable of synthesizing and transmitting sound for use in a live audio performance system.

Woodstrup regularly performs live as "vodstrup,” and was a founding member of Pauline Oliveros' improvisational telepresence ensemble Tintinnabulate. He enjoys hacking solar powered LED lawn lamps, dreaming of ways to carbon-neutrally power his plethora of electronic gadgets, and taking long walks with his pet, Rutt Etra. Woodstrup works from his attic in Troy, NY, USA.