Shawn Onsgard

Dado Blade (AD012) Cover

Dado Blade (AD012) Cover.

Radio Retreat/Festival Participants

Radio Retreat/Festival Participants . Each artist presentation was followed by a group discussion. Pictured (clockwise from the top): James Rouvelle, Joshua Fried, Victoria Estok, Todd Merrell, Raphael Lyon, John Roach, Lee Azzarello, Shawn Onsgard, Michael Garofalo, Sarah Kanouse (Oct 13, 2007)

Pachyderm CD cover

Pachyderm CD cover. Shawn Onsgard (Jan 01, 2006)

Through composition and performance Onsgard seeks an epistemology in music practice, which might inform new and meaningful life experiences. He is currently developing an improvisatory solo piano repertoire that explores the emotional affects of imbalanced harmonic structures inspired by Alexander Scriabin and Vijay Iyer. When not at the piano, Onsgard composes for all sound-producing things from ice cream trucks, to hundred meter piano wires, to snoring grandparents, and everything in between to access knowledge about politics, metaphor, narrative, and perception of space through sound.