Lindsey french

Lindsey french is an artist and educator whose work engages in gestures of communication with landscapes and the nonhuman. Her practice is an open series of projects and research aimed toward decentering a human-centric experience to practice and propose alternatives to human-centered ecosystems. She finds her role as a human in a global ecosystem contingent, uncertain. From this profound vulnerability, French practices new myths of identity, asserts quiet opposition, hovers in the slippages between self and environment, and engages in practices of active and sensual listening.

She situates herself sensually in different roles among plants, landscapes, and other materials as media, message, and facilitator of communication. Embracing a number of mediation strategies, her projects materialize as texts written in collaboration with trees, material exchanges across skin, video performances of attempted dialogues with the landscape, and sound installations of distant and displaced forests.

french currently teaches courses that explore new media practices and site specific research at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Art and Technology Studies, Sculpture, and Contemporary Practices Departments.