Carrie Dashow

Carrie Dashow is an interdisciplinary working in the intersection of performance and video. Through combining and reading space, interaction and energy with an anthropological, formalist and geomantic slant, Ms. Dashow creates content. Her work reveals the subliminal as a counterpoint to everyday existence by employing concepts that contest fact-based reality. Using available public tools -- a greeting, an island, building, friend, forest, map, history, camera -- Carrie examines the undercurrent of visible space, which result in tactile, experiential and more real than real performance and video. Much of her work takes place in social and collective situations, either on the street, in communities, relationships and even classes. Her participatory-style performances amongst diverse audiences in turn reveal a momentary sense of community and possibility. Her work plays with our psychological understanding of reality, replacing what we see inside out.

Carrie Dashow made significant contributions during free103point9's collective years.