Langham Research Centre

Langham Research Centre formed in 2003, as producers at BBC Radio 3, based in London’s Langham Place. These were the last days that open reel tape was used for broadcast. They loved the rich sound of tape, and the personalities and imperfections of tape machines. They wanted to recapture the spirit of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and make BBC programmes featuring their tape experiments. An early example was Gateshead Multistorey Carpark, entirely made out of the sounds of the infamous carpark from the film, Get Carter. Like an Early Music group’s use of historic instruments, they work with vintage equipment to perform 20th century classic electronic repertoire by John Cage, Alvin Lucier and others, particularly repertoire that can only be performed with reel-to-reel tape and other now obsolete devices. They also compose new music using this vintage instrumentarium. 2013 saw 3 new concert-length works by LRC, and we continue to be commissioned to write new work for music festivals, one off concerts and art galleries.