George Steeltoe Ensemble

George Steeltoe Ensemble performing at Noise! 2009.

George Steeltoe Ensemble performing at Noise! 2009.. George Steeltoe Ensemble at Ontological Theater at St. Mark's Church, Manhattan. Photo: Erin Roberts. (Jun 26, 2009)

In 1999 The George Steeltoe Ensemble began experimenting in free jazz and other improvisational forms through weekly "church" sessions at the Lexington, KY home of Brian and Elisa Osborne. Since its inception the Ensemble has taken many shapes, performing throughout the Midwest and South and participating actively in New York's free music community. Currently the Ensemble is comprised of a rotating field of multi-instrumental improvisers and performing artists, and performances have combined music with improv dance, performance art, and street parades. Some of the performers to have retained their heat in the last eight years include: Andrew Barker, Michael Barker, Ed Bear, Casey Block, Daniel Carter, Ed Chang, Jeff Chapple, Tom Clark, Ross Compton, Marcus Cummins, Jay Dunbar, Peter Evans, Dave Farris, Lathan Hardy, Trevor Healy, Erik Hinds, Michael T. Jackson, Joel Lambdin, Brian Osborne, Elisa Osborne, Melissa Putz, RADAR Dance, Speight Rhue, Mark Savage, Blaise Siwula, Robin Siwula, Jeffrey Shurdut, Marc Zajack.