Circadian Rhythm Radio

C. Lavender

Recalling a time when radio was used as an alarm clock in the morning and left on until late at night, C. Lavender's "Circadian Rhythm Radio" seeks to bring back radio as a part of the sleep/wake cycle. By utilizing pure audio frequencies known as "isochronic tones" which manipulate brain wave states through the method of "brainwave entrainment," she will create a piece which slowly wakes the listener up in the morning as well as helping them relax and eventually fall asleep at night.

Isochronic tones are rapidly pulsing tones which sound alarming on their own and are usually hidden under other soothing audio recordings. "Circadian Rhythm Radio" will utilize live radio static also known as white noise and the live audio feed from the grounds of Wave Farm, collected during a 2016 artist residency, to create a relaxing soundscape which the isochronic tones will be "hidden" under. This project seeks to assist those who suffer with insomnia, circadian rhythm issues, disturbing noise pollution, and other factors which keep them from falling asleep and waking up at a proper time for them to fully function during the day.