Signal Persistence along the Greyline Path

David Goren
Shortwave Receiving Antenna

Shortwave Receiving Antenna. Installed at Wave Farm by David Goren (Sep 29, 2016)

David Goren's "Signal Persistence along the Greyline Path" is comprised of a shortwave radio listening post, setup to monitor and record the daily dawn/dusk long distance reception openings known “greyline” propagation during a 2016 Wave Farm Artist Residency.
 The greyline is the terminator between light and darkness that wraps around the earth, briefly enhancing reception for people listening during their local sunrise or sunset. Goren’s project will focus on the ninety, sixty, and forty-nine meter tropical bands where rural stations can be heard from Africa, South America, and Asia. Numbering in the hundreds as recently as 15 years ago, only several dozen of these stations remain today.

The recordings gathered will form the basis for an online audio map; a time-based sonic snapshot of a broadcast culture that will likely fade out permanently over the next few years due to changes in technology and population. Goren’s captures will be logged and soundscapes will be selected, edited and mixed, contributing to Goren’s extended audio work about the final fadeout of tropical band domestic stations and the experience of listening long distance.