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Martian Gardens: Kathleen Supové, Heather O'Donnell, Luigi Nono

Jan 18, 2020: 1pm - 4pm
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Hosted by Max Shea.

Max Shea plays modern classical and experimental music from Amherst, MA. More information: martiangardens.blog. Today:
Musica Elettronica Viva: Stop the War (1st 1/2) (22:25)
Walter Zimmermann: Landler Topographien Mvt. III -- Tophran (11:01)
Enjott Schneider: Cri Muet (In Memoriam 13-11-2015)
Ayman Fanous & Frances-Marie Uitti: Megrez (4:04)
Benjamin Boretz: Fantasy on an Improvisation by Jim Randall (5:30)
J.K. Randall: ars antiqua -- w/banjo (3:39)
Jane Rigler: Rewind (3:42)
Helmut Lachenmann: Hauswand 4 (The Little Match Girl) (3:56)
Luigi Nono: Orchestra and Piano Entry (Como una olo fuerza y luz) (4:20)
Du Yun: Improvisation b -- The Naga (Dinosaur Scar) (2:28)
Alistair MacDonald: Psychedelic Streams (8:50)
R. Weis: Floating Window (3:38)
Arthur Kreiger: Electronic Study, in memoriam Ussachevsky (6:29)
Vladimir Ussachevsky: Computer Piece No. 1 (3:42)
Mary Ellen Childs: First Wave (Parts 1 & 2) (Wreck) (5:30)
Kathleen Supové: Eye to Ivory (M.E. Childs) (15:19)
Daniel Lippel: Detroit Rain Song Graffiti (S. Corbett) (6:01)
Heather O'Donnell: The Celestial Potato Fields (S. Corbett) (10:07)
Kudsi Erguner: Makam Ussak -- Taksim (2:18)
Werner Durand: Panga (13:27)