Tune in first Deep Listening Conference all weekend

Jul 12, 2013 8:26 am
The first Deep Listening Conference will span two and half days and will feature over 75 presenters from around the world. Presentations will include lectures, workshops, performances, listening walks, poster sessions and roundtables. Confirmed keynote speakers include: Composer/performer and Deep Listening founder Pauline Oliveros;
Auditory Neuroscientist Seth Horowitz, author of "The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind." free103point9 Online Radio will have a live webstream of much of the conference, some of it aired live on WGXC 90.7-FM in the Hudson Valley.

There will be two live webstreams, from two spaces at EMPAC. A third space will have presentations and performances, and will be recorded for later broadcast. Tune in these two webstreams throughout the weekend:

One live stream is running now. Pauline Oliveros keynote address begins in a few moments.

Click on http://comm.free103point9.org:8000/deeplisteningone.mp3.m3u or copy and paste this link into your media player:


Click on http://comm.free103point9.org:8000/deeplisteningtwo.mp3.m3u or copy and paste this link into your media player:


Day One: The Art of Listening
Sessions webcast until 7 p.m., live WGXC 90.7-FM broadcast 7-9:30 p.m. Fri. July 12.

9-10 a.m.: Keynote: Pauline Oliveros, Deep Listening Founder. Click on http://comm.free103point9.org:8000/deeplisteningtwo.mp3.m3u to listen.
10:30 a.m.-noon: Presentation session 1. Click on http://comm.free103point9.org:8000/deeplisteningtwo.mp3.m3u to listen.
Corringham - Listening and Sounding in Hong Kong
Alarcon - Networked migrations: listening to and performing the “in-between” space
Mulhaney - The Composer Isn't There: a personal exploration of place in fixed media composition Eriksson - Listening and playing in DIY-3D sound spaces

1-3pm: Workshops
Studio Beta. Click on http://comm.free103point9.org:8000/deeplisteningtwo.mp3.m3u to listen.

1-2 p.m.: Wilsey - Game / No Game: Deep Listening and Music Games for the Educator's Toolkit

2-3pm: L. Pertl - Unlocking the Young Deep Listener Through Rhythm Sticks and Pitched Tubes

Studio 2 Click on http://comm.free103point9.org:8000/deeplisteningtwo.mp3.m3u to listen.
1-2 p.m.: Smith - Awareness through Animation: Animated Notation and DeepListening Practices In Educational, Performance, and Composition
2-3 p.m.: AOM/Lowrey - Avatar Orchestra Metaverse/Deep Listening/Cyberspace/Global Awareness

4:30-6 p.m.: Presentation session 2
Buzzarté - Incorporating Deep Listening Practices into Secondary General Music Classrooms Dickel - Researching sound in silence
Brian Pertl - Using Deep Listening to Teach Entrepreneurship
7:30-9 p.m.: Round Table: Deep Listening and Pedagogy

Moderator: Maud Hickey
with: Thomas Ciufo, Michael Duch, Joseph Hoefs, Phoenix Perry, Meg Schedel, Mary Simoni. Click on http://comm.free103point9.org:8000/deeplisteningtwo.mp3.m3u to listen.
9:00: Concert TBA Click on http://comm.free103point9.org:8000/deeplisteningtwo.mp3.m3u to listen.

Day Two: The Science of Listening

Sessions webcast all day, and also on live WGXC 90.7-FM broadcast.
9-10 a.m.: Keynote: Seth Horowitz, auditory neuroscientist
10:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m.: Presentation session 3
Ward - Listeners Are Observers and Musicians Chafe - Acoustics of Imaginary Sound
Marcus - Hearing the music in your mind
11:30-12 p.m.: Johannes Goebel Talk
1-2 p.m.: Round Table: Hearing vs. Listening, Artistic and Scientific Perspectives
Moderator: Lance Brunner with:
Pauline Oliveros, Seth Horowitz, China Blue, Ann Ward, Chris Chafe (to conf.)

2-4pm: Workshops

Studio Beta:
2-3 p.m.: Hahn - Banding improvisations

3-4 p.m.: Taylor - A sonically engaged collaborative sound art practice

Studio 2:
2-3 p.m.: Hege - From the Waters
3-4 p.m.: Miller - The Adaptive Use Musical Instrument (AUMI): Music-Making and Improvisation for All Abilities
4:30-6:10pm: Presentation session 4
Niedanthal - AUMI with disabled people in Music therapy
Rothenberg - Deep Listening to Cicadas: A Once-in-17-Years Event
Young - Creative Collaboration as Sound, Space, and Pattern Recognition
Nagai - Music Made from Being: Deep Listening, Embodiment, and the Shared Experience of Music
7:30-9:00pm: Presentation Session 5
Pearson - Listening (is) Sounding (is) Listening: Sonic Mimicry as Listening Practice Richter - Time Distortion in Deep Listening

Reinsel - Sound Cairn: Virtual Spaces

Burgasser - Embodying Physics: A Physical Language for Physics
9 p.m.: The Tuning Meditation
Day Three: Experiential Presentations
Sessions webcast all day, broadcast at WGXC 90.7-FM after midnight.
9:30-11 Presentation Session 6 (Studio Beta)
TBD Rudy Epstein Norderval
11-1 Lecture/Concert 1 (Studio Beta)
Chechile TBD Woodstrup TBD
2-4 Lecture/Concert 2
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