FCC announces new LPFM rules March 21

Mar 12, 2012 3:24 am
John Anderson at DIYMedia.net predicts the Federal Communications Commission won't do much to address the abuse of rules surrounding "translator" radio stations when the announce new LPFM rules March 21. He details the situation with stations that are supposed to relay existing signals to areas without radio coverage. "First there was Clark Parrish, the mastermind who swamped the FCC's license-application system during a 2003 filing window for new translators. He applied for thousands of stations under the guise of two shell corporations - Radio Assist Ministry and Edgewater Broadcasting - with the intent of selling them off to other broadcasters so that he could build his own full-power religious radio empire with the proceeds. The FCC, in response to outcry over such blatant sentimentalizing, froze a goodly portion of his translator applications in 2005. The entire mess remains unresolved today, though the FCC must untangle it before moving forward with an expansion of the LPFM radio service." Read the full story at DIYMedia.net.