Nick Millevoi

Nick Millevoi is a Philadelphia-based guitarist who explores and expands upon the sound of the electric guitar through frequent use of non-traditional tunings, feedback, and raw noise. On his new solo-guitar release, In White Sky, Millevoi combines his 6- and 12-string electric guitars with drones and extreme volume to create a startling new work. This album follows Nick's 2011 debut, Black Figure of a Bird, which was released on New Atlantis Records. Nick is a member of the trio Many Arms, who have four releases to date, the most recent of which is their self-titled album released in April 2012 by John Zorn's Tzadik label. Along with trombonist Dan Blacksberg, Millevoi makes one half of the experimental chamber duo Archer Spade, who have worked with composers such as Gene Coleman, Dave Soldier, Mick Barr, and Johnny DeBlase.. As a collaborator or sideman Nick has worked with Fugazi bassist Joe Lally, Joe Moffett, Alban Bailly, Ed Ricart, Toshimaru Nakamura, Thomas Buckner, Ken Ueno, Matt Ingalls, Ches Smith, Travis LaPlante, Weasel Walter, and many others. Nick is also a member of the band Electric Simcha, and is a former member of Make A Rising. Nick has toured extensively as a solo artist as well as with Many Arms, Make A Rising, Electric Simcha, and Archer Spade. He has covered most of the US and Canada and was recently featured with Many Arms at Montreal's Suoni Per Il Popolo festival. In Philadelphia, Nick has curated shows at venues such as the Highwire Gallery for Fire Museum Presents, and recently started curating concerts with Dan Blacksberg for the the Archer Spade Performance Series. The Village Voice has called Nick a "guitar-wielding, audience-massacring hero," and music journal Burning Ambulance has described him as, "A fierce player who knows his way around a riff and can tie himself, and the listener, in knots with his contorted, passionate soloing." Of Black Figure of a Bird, the Philadelphia City Paper said, "Millevoi wrestles a 12-string electric into doing things it clearly doesn't want to do, creating harsh textures, blistering runs, odd-angled lines and punishing eruptions."
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