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Nuestra Musica: Celebrando Mejico

Jul 03, 2020: 12pm - 2pm
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Mexico is perhaps one of the most musically diverse countries in the world. Each of its 31 states, its capital city and each of Mexico City's boroughs claim unique styles of music. The most representative genre is Mariachi music. Although commonly mis-portrayed as buskers, mariachis musicians play extremely technical, structured music or blends such as Jarabe. Most mariachi music is sung in verses of prose poetry. Ranchera, Mexico's country music, differs from Mariachi in that it is less technical and its lyrics are not sung in prose. Other regional music includes: Son Jorocho, Son Huasteco, Cumbia Sonidera, Mexican pop, rock in Spanish, and Canto Nuevo. There is also music based on sounds made by dancing (such as the zapateada). Northeastern Mexico is home to another popular style called Nortena, which assimilates Mexican Ranchera with Colombian Cumbia and is typically played with Bavarian accordions and Bohemian polka influence. Variations of Nortena include Duranguense, Tambora Sinaloense, Corridos and nortec (norteo-techno). The eastern part of the country makes heavy use of the harp, typical of the son arocho style. The music in southern Mexico is particularly represented by its use of the marimba, which has its origins in the Soconusco region between Mexico and Guatemala.