Premio Internazionale Arti Sonore deadline and download

Jan 06, 2013 4:01 pm
The Premio Internazionale Arti Sonore (International Sonic Arts Award) has a Jan. 31 deadline for (paid) entries. But they also have a free download of the following:
1. Sebastien Roux/Eddie Ladoire Un Pezzo Su Quattro Suoni [4.35]
2. Rafael Toral Ms2 Metal Cloud Solo [4.59]
3. Elio Martusciello Musical Exile [5.04]
4. David Toop Untitled Passages (for Paul Burwell) [5.13] © Quartz Publications 2007 - Yurihito Watanabe voices David Toop flutes, bowed string, percussion, environmental sound recording Terry Day alto saxophone Matt Davies trumpet
5. Skoltz/Kolgen Ksharaa [3.45] Dominique Skoltz, Herman Kolgen
6. Scanner Argent Desire [3.27] Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner
7. KK NULL Seiunn [4.00] Kazuyuki Kishino aka KK NULL
8. Alvin Curran Sage Iconic Silt [4.33]
9. Efzeg MisterO [6.29] - Boris Hauf saxophone, synth Martin Siewert, Burkhard Stangl guitar, electronics Steve Heather drums Billy Roiszelectronics
10. Eddie Prevost/John Butcher A Rose By Another Name [7.16] Eddie Prevost Tam Tam, bowed cymbal John Butcher tenor saxophone
11. Lawrence English Hours Alone Watching Fingers Blur [5.12]
12. Rhodri Davies/Joe Williamson/Stefano Tedesco L’attesa [6.06] Rhodri Davies harp Joe Williamson double bass Stefano Tedesco
vibraphone, feedback
13. Olivia Block Enthalpy for Double Solo Clarinet [5.32] Olivia Block composer, editing James Falzone clarinet

This compilation is conceived, curated and produced by Stefano Tedesco. Cover by Riccardo Arena
free103point9 will feature tracks from this album at 12:02 a.m. on "Radio Stew" Jan. 7.
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