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Aug 01, 2020 10:45 am
Radio Artist Fellow Announced, New Shows on WGXC 90.7-FM!
Wave Farm

Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow 2020/2021:

Jess Speer

We are delighted to announce that Jess Speer (Asheville, NC) has been selected for the 2020/2021 Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellowship. During her engagement, September 2020 - May 2021, Speer will make weekly additions to the Wave Farm Broadcast Radio Art Archive, an online resource and a broadcast series on Wave Farm’s WGXC 90.7-FM. She will also create original radio artworks for broadcast, and conduct workshops and listening sessions with WGXC programmers and interested members of the public.

Jess Speer is an artist, radio DJ, librarian, teacher, and mother living in Asheville, NC. As a librarian and artist, she explores questions about permanence, presence, history, mindfulness, mortality, and access to information and ideas. Speer has collected over 800 records, many of which include sound effects, field recordings, spoken word and documentary works, and mines this collection for both broadcast and live performances. By collecting records and making field recordings, she attempts to create an archive of sorts, to gather time, history and experience together. Performing with them, over broadcast and in live events, brings that history to life and shares it, while also embodying the ephemerality that’s at the heart of history, truth, nature, and human beings. She is the host of the weekly radio show (and sometimes performance) Ecstatic Listening on WSFM-LP AshevilleFM. More at jessicaspeer.info.

Radioee.net: WIRELESS

Live Broadcast August 27, 2020

On August 27, 1920, “The crazy people on the roof” (Radio Argentina Society initiators Enrique Susini, César Guerrico, Miguel Mugica, Luis Romero and Ignacio Gómez) installed a Marconi transmitter assembled from equipment smuggled from France onto the terrace of the Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires. This broadcast of Wagner’s opera “Parsifal” occurring within the theater marked the first radio broadcast in Argentina and the first mass public entertainment broadcast in the world.

On the hundredth anniversary of this event, 24 radio stations from across the globe, including Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM, will collaborate with Radioee.net to present Wireless, an online, translingual 24-hour radio broadcast about planetary wireless. The 24-hour show will explore the functions of radio past and future, from technology to entertainment medium. Wireless internet is radio, radio is the medium of wireless internet. Wireless will investigate the various modalities of this evolving condition--spectrum, networks, telecommunications, entertainment and education. 

For Wireless, Wave Farm is pleased to contribute a live performance by the radio art collective NRRF.

NRRF Bb Radio: The development of planetary radio practices and systems also brought the insight that Earth is continually bathed in radio signals emanating from points across the universe, from 'nearby’ within our solar system or from vast distances in space and time. Departing from Velimir Khlebnikov’s poetic observation in 1920 that “even starlight is a wireless signal”, the NRRF collective eavesdrops on the radiophony coming our way, and encounters fast radio bursts, long waves, and even the loneliest wave of all. 

NRRF is an intermittent collaborative effort to make unlicensed neighborhood radio art. Earlier projects include a series of clandestine FM broadcasts in Chicago, Montréal and beyond with a rotating group of collaborators. Since 2012 NRRF features Jonny Farrow, Anna Friz, Stephen Germana, Jeff Kolar, and Peter SpeerIt’s live radio expanded and improvised from various geographical locations, with the current group collaborating from Vermont, Florida, North Carolina, Chicago and Santa Cruz. The core group of performers play everything from traditional instruments to home built electronics, sample wildly, speculate broadly, and have been known to sing. 

Wave Farm's WGXC will be broadcasting Wireless live on 90.7-FM on August 27, 2020 from 12 a.m. to 6 a.m.; 9 a.m. - noon.; 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. - 10 p.m. Tune into to the entire 24-hour broadcast at https://radioee.net/

New on the WGXC 90.7-FM Airwaves.

While the COVID-19 pandemic forced WGXC staff to focus significant time and energy making sure as many current programmers as possible could broadcast from home, we are pleased to now be turning our attention to the addition of new programmers and new sounds. Here is a roundup of some of the new voices you are hearing on 90.7-FM and at wgxc.org.

Dim The Lights With Jenny and Amanda

Get your snacks and find your seats while friends Amanda Lees and Jenny Ghetti take you to the movies, discussing what’s new in the theater, what should be in your streaming cue, old favorites, and more! Airs every month on the 4th Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The Mystery Machine

"The Mystery Machine is a conceptual show curated and produced by Claire Pohl. From house, to cosmic sound, disco, funk, and more, The Mystery Machine thoughtfully mixes music from all eras that will raise your spirits and have your volume on full blast. Featuring local professionals, DJs from far and wide, and the host of characters I am lucky to call my friends, conversation will be flowing in between the mixes." -- Clair Pohl. Airs every month on the 4th Wednesday from 10 p.m. to 11:59 p.m.

Tək Təlk

If you liked Car Talk, two wise guys answering questions about common automotive problems, you will love Tək Təlk, a weekly show by two wise guys answering questions about common tech glitches with computers, mobile devices, apps, and the Web. Co-host Ralph Benko is author of The Websters' Dictionary: How to Use the Web to Transform the World and co-host Bill Collier is principal of Regal Blue MediaAirs every week on Mondays from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Premieres Monday, August 10, 2020.

Prime Jive

Host John Sturman, who is also a part of the "Ukuleles Unleashed" show, plays mostly rock 'n' roll with some jazz, bluegrass, folk, and other styles, beaming in from Lexington in Greene County, NY. Airs every month on the 1st Monday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Gig Talk

With hosts Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea. In this current era of indeterminacy, it's important to appreciate the history of live music and talk about it on the radio. Callers share their experience 'on the gig' and receive advice from the expert hosts. It's 'car talk' for 'gigs.' Call in at 518-622-2598.
Airs every week on Thursdays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.

WGXC Afternoon Show

The Tuesday edition of the "WGXC Afternoon Show" now has two different sets of hosts, every other week. Alan Skerrett, the Rev. Kim Singletary, and Randall Martin host half the shows, and Kimberly Erwin and Randall Martin, beginning Aug. 11, host the others. The "WGXC Afternoon Show" airs every day from 4-6 p.m. Tune into the Tuesday edition weekly from 4-6 p.m.

There's a Bright Side Somewhere

Featuring Gospel, Inspirational, Soul, R&B, country, Christian jazz, hip hop, rap, and praise and worship music of our time and yesteryear; interwoven with talk, interviews and spiritual social commentary, with Rev. Kim L. Singletary, Overcomers Ministries International Church of Hudson with engineering help from Randall Martin. Previously this show aired every other Wednesday, now it airs live every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Rock and Roll High School

Each show will feature a randomly chosen year, with songs, history, and more each month. This show previously aired on the 1st Monday, and now airs every month on the 1st Wednesday and 3rd Wednesday and 5th Wednesday from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

New in the Wave Farm Radio Archives.

CWCH Collective

Broadcast Archive 

From April 9 to July 16 2020, a hive of worker-artists convened a weekly live broadcast of indiscriminately gathered sound-pollen, transmitting codified messages to kindred folk. Each week a potent gang of sound artists were at play, exploring whatever was on their minds.  A complete archive of all 15 broadcasts, which aired live on Wave Farm's WGXC is now available online and via podcast

CWCH Collective featured Knut Aufermann & Sarah Washington (Ürzig) ,Xentos Fray Bentos (Broughton), Frauke Berg (Düsseldorf), Katharina Bihler & Stefan Scheib (Saarbrücken), DinahBird (Paris), dieb13 & Billy Roisz (Vienna), Anna Friz (Santa Cruz), and Ralf Schreiber (Cologne). With additional players Lloyd Dunn (Prague), Lucinda Guy (Buckfastleigh), Hannes Hoelzl (Andrian), Jean-Philippe Renoult (Paris), Rodrigo Ríos Zunino (Valparaíso), and guest artists Dr. Fortunatus Keller and Nástio Mosquito.
Produced by Mobile Radio www.mobile-radio.net with support from π-node.
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