Wave Farm Email Announcement December 2020

Dec 01, 2020 8:45 am
Durational broadcast on 12/12, holiday sounds ahead, and the 2021 Residency Program Application is now open!

Durational Broadcast: 
Christof Migone's "You-"

Saturday December 12, 2020: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Broadcast in collaboration with Resonance Extra in London and Wave Farm's WGXC 90.7-FM in New York's Upper Hudson Valley, You- is a 12-hour online event organized by Christof Migone. First in a series of twelve annual events taking place on December 12 from noon to midnight GMT (7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Eastern). Each year the event will move through each word of the 12-word phrase you and I are weather earth fire air of life and death and activate the word of the year in myriad ways.

This year it all starts with you-.

Schedule (in Eastern Times)

Hour 1 (7 a.m.): Christof Migone, featuring Xuan Ye
Hour 2 (8 a.m.): UTSC Dept. ACM presents the Scarborough Sound.
Hour 3 (9 a.m.): Steve Bates
Hour 4 (10 a.m.): Wave Farm presents: Jen Kutler, Sadie Woods

Southern Comfort by Jen Kutler with Quintan Ana Wikswo
Southern Comfort is a radio sound piece by Jen Kutler featuring text and performance by Quintan Ana Wikswo. The title Southern Comfort surrounds the queer US/Mexico border experience in its complexity of solidarity and joy in the face of bigotry, violence, hate crimes, and the AIDS crisis. Kutler and Wikswo's works invoke a rich, evolving and intergenerational legacy of obscured drag, ballroom, trans, mixed-race and gender queer fissures of deep southern and southwest American Culture through which the whiskey culture forms a through line of recreation and transgression. These rituals transcend the simple imbibing of alcohol.

The sounds are synthetic voices generated from physiological sensor devices worn on Kutler's body to document her response to the emotive narrative. These voices draw from granular synthesis, sine waves, cassette tape loops and stringed instruments.

Spirit Safe by Sadie Woods.
In this radio work, sound artist Sadie Woods takes inspiration from the Scott whiskey term spirit safe, an enclosed control center where the strength and temperature of the spirit is analyzed by distillers without having direct physical access to it. Spirit Safe builds on the experience and instincts involved in the spirit analyzing process exploring impulses, intuition, and receptivity in interpersonal relationships through mixing and blending ethereal sound and electronic music.

Hour 5 (11 a.m.): Wave Farm presents: Agustina Woodgate, Jeff Kolar

Segunda Persona by Agustina Woodgate with Florencia Curci.
A multilingual remix amongst friends. A fabulous and loving speculation about the second person. Where are the words coming from? ¿Cuál es el oldest tú? What if they come from you?
“The spanish Tú sounds like a spit”
“In French, Le Toi also means the roof, the You has this connotation of being something that protects you. You, the entity that gives you shelter, that helps you find solace”
“Nderehe is the guarani for tú. Nderehe are not always humans”
The many ways of saying You explore the many yous possible.

- I care about you. - You will always be vos.

Useful Radio by Jeff Kolar.
Useful Radio is a new radio mix focused on radio voices, citizen listening, and the intimacy of signals. Featuring collaborations with Joe Jeffers, Anna Friz, and Zeena Parkins. Track listing in order or appearance: Untitled by Jeff Kolar; Creepy Tipi by Joe Jeffers and Jeff Kolar; Far Gone by Jeff Kolar; Useful Radio by Anna Friz and Jeff Kolar; Hooking by Zeena Parkins and Jeff Kolar; and Prologue by Zeena Parkins and Jeff Kolar.

Hour 6 (12 p.m.): Béchard Hudon
Hour 7 (1 p.m.): University of Saskatchewan Art Galleries and Squint Press presents "Voice of Hearing."
Hour 8 (2 p.m.): Resonance Extra presents Merlin Nova, Erik Lintunen, Andrew Ford
Hour 9 (3 p.m.): Resonance Extra presents Milo Thesiger-Meacham, Anastasia Freygang
Hour 10 (4 p.m.): Anna Friz
Hour 11 (5 p.m.): Animals of Distinction presents Dana Gingras, Tot Onyx, Sonya Stefan
Hour 12 (6 p.m.): Glenfiddich Distillery presents "Swan Song."

End the year with expected and unexpected holiday sounds WGXC-style.  

  • Saturday December 19, Weird Xmas Sounds
  • Thursday December 24, NORAD Santa Tracker
    NORAD Tracks Santa is an annual Christmas-themed program in which NORAD simulates the tracking of the legendary character Santa Claus, who, according to traditional festive legend and folklore, is said to leave the North Pole to travel around the world on his mission to deliver presents to children every year on Christmas Eve. The program is a community outreach function of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and has been held annually since 1955.
  • Saturday December 26, Best of 2020!
    Hear the best songs of the year all day on WGXC.

Wave Farm's 2021 Residency Program
Application Open!
Applications Due February 1, 2020

In 2021, the Wave Farm Residency Program will provide artists with a valuable opportunity to concentrate on new radio artworks and conduct research about the genre using the Wave Farm Study Center resource library. Applicants are asked to propose a specific radio art project, which they will complete while in residence and premiere on Wave Farm's full-power FM radio station: WGXC 90.7-FM Radio for Open Ears.

Radio artists explore broadcast radio space through a richly polyphonous mix of practices, including poetic resuscitations of conventional radio drama, documentary, interview and news formats; found and field sound compositions reframed by broadcast; performative inhabitations/embodiments of radio’s inherent qualities, such as entropy, anonymity and interference; playful celebrations/subversions of the complex relationship between senders and receivers, and the potential feedback loops between hosts and layers of audience, from in-studio to listeners at home to callers-in; use of radio space to bridge widely dispersed voices (be they living or dead), subjects, environments and communities, or to migrate through them in ways that would not be possible in real time and space; electroacoustic compositions with sounds primarily derived from gathering, generating and remixing radiophonic sources.

Artist Fee

Wave Farm Artists-in-residence receive a $700 artist fee.


What do we mean by "radio art"? This is a call for projects that conceptually and formally use radio as an artistic medium. The act of transmission and reception over terrestrial AM/FM airwaves is intentional and integral to the work. Proposals who use radio broadcast in service to another genre, or simply as a means for distribution will not be competitive.

Wave Farm's Residency Program application is an international open call. Artists should make a compelling argument in support of their proposed project, and either possess a significant body of past radio-based work, or demonstrate the technical aptitude and capacity to complete the project. Full-time students are ineligible; however, exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for career artists who may have returned to school for post-graduate work.

COVID-19 Note

Should physical distancing remain in place during the 2021 residency season, please note that Wave Farm accommodations can easily be designated as a private space for the artist-in-residence. All interactions with staff will take place outdoors and with face masks.

Learn More + Apply!

Not just on Giving Tuesday, but all-year and especially as 2020 draws to a close.

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Wave Farm remains tirelessly committed to making the airwaves a participatory medium. A pioneer of the Transmission Arts genre, Wave Farm programs provide access to transmission technologies and support artists and organizations that engage with media as an art form.

These activities are made possible, in part, from state and federal art grants, foundation support, earned income derived from studio rentals and special curatorial/consulting engagements, and from private, tax-deductible, support from individuals like you.

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I love WGXC! I moved to Catskill during the pandemic, and I listen every day. - Stephanie, Catskill, NY. 

Hey! Its my pleasure- literally WGXC is on almost every day in my house. Love everyone. - Arabella, Hudson, NY. 

Keep up the good work. I love the experiments, art and interesting work. I love that I don’t know what is coming next. - James 

THANKS FOR Donald Drumpf Theatre!!! Wish I'd stumbled upon it sooner. Love it. It's aired on my local Athens, GA radio. - Lillie 

I love your station – because it is always different and not boring. My wife, she is not as much a fan – because it is always different! Go figure. - Matt, Ashland, NY 

We moved to the area 4 years ago and WGXC has been another member in our family ever since. Thanks for all the work you guys do -- especially now when community connection is so vital. - Lauren, Philmont, NY.

Happy to be a supporter (again, this time as a sustaining member)! It's about time I guess, as I listen to Wave Farm every day. Among other shows, having Weather Warlock on is both calming and focusing. Loved the story on how COVID is affecting college radio (my other listening addiction). - Bob, Rhinecliff, NY

WGXC has been an indispensable resource during this time and I want to applaud your devotion to the community. - Justin, Freehold, NY.

Today's Joy Channel was one of my favorite radio listening experiences ever." and then "Driving around empty streets alone in the rain in the middle of our current apocalypse. Half sci-fi half survivalist -- just really great." - Thatcher, Columbia County. 

I'm listening to WGXC now and then here in my online radio and feel the strength you send out with your programme, connecting and organizing solidarity in your region in this difficult times. - Helen, Halle, Germany 

Thanks for the note, and happy to support! Hope to be able to support more in the future. My wife and I just moved to the area and I love the diversity of your station. - Chris, Germantown, NY


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