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May 15, 2012 9:10 pm

"BBC Radio: We have to bring back younger listeners
Matthew Lasar at Radio Survivor reports that young people are not listening to the British Broadcasting Company. "The amount of time spend listening is falling across all youth groups, Friend noted, dropping 0.9 percent for ages 15 through 19; 1.0 percent for ages 20-24; and 0.6 percent for ages 25-29." He posts this video with BBC interactive music expert Mark Friend about the company's youth strategy. (Radio Survivor)

"Broadcast Engineers: A Dying Breed?"
John Anderson at DIYMedia breaks down a Society of Broadcast Engineers report that says there are fewer broadcast engineers these says, thanks to radio consolidation and the Telecommunications Act of 1996. "Nearly three-quarters (73.9%) of working SBE members are 46 years old or older; the average age of an SBE member is 54," he writes. (

"Scientists Say Ambient Noise Affects Creativity"
Enrico de Lazaro in Sci-News reports on a study from business students at the University of Illinois published online in the Journal of Consumer Research, that shows, "a moderate-level of ambient noise (about 70 decibels, equivalent to a passenger car traveling on a highway) enhances performance on creative tasks and increases the likelihood of consumers purchasing innovative products." Too much noise, at 85 decibels for instance, limited creativity and purchasing, the study found. “It turns out that around 70 decibels is the sweet spot. If you go beyond that, it’s too loud, and the noise starts to negatively affect creativity," said Ravi Mehta, a professor of business administration at the University of Illinois. (

"The future of international broadcasting"
Amanda Pfeffer reports on the international state of international broadcasting. (RCI)
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