New + Used

Dec 08, 2005: 4pm- 11:59 pm
free103point9 Project Space + Gallery (1997-2006)

97 South 6th Street | Brooklyn, NY 11211 | 718-599-5955

Matt Mikas hosts this show live from the free103point9 Gallery with Byron House and other Florida-based noise bands from the Cephia's Treat label.

Byron House: new three-piece action trims the fat.
Haves & Thirds: re-stolen beats pound around all his favorite quote-ables.
Then and Than: builds equipment with duct tape, builds songs with broken toys.
Turmoiled Functions: unassuming pop dities about (almost) conquering high school.

Streamed live on free103point9 Online Radio.

For more information see Free performances from Florida noise bands.

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