Wave Farm Artist-in-Residence: KHONSU X and Titan

Jul 02, 2021 - Jul 11, 2021

Defiant Masculinity is a radio theatre production born out of The Broken Bois Series–a compilation of transmissions exploring how social constructs of masculinity have been historically warped by media. Through dissonance, intermodulation, and resonance, the play follows a trans-man and his trusty radio as he traverses a sea of cultural influences. A three-hour soundscape will be developed during the Wave Farm Residency, incorporating five nights of live broadcasts and recording sessions with WGXC listeners guided by curated audio prompts. The final product should be a puzzle left unsolved, spurring the mind to continual thought and dialogue about how masculinity presents in our world today through diverse male perspectives.

Titan and Khonsu X formed the Broken Bois Collective in 2019, after months of traveling cross-country with only FM-radio for entertainment. Over pundits and disco, a white trans-kid from Schoharie County, and a Black transman from central Pennsylvania combined their creative practices, finding radio as the coagulant. Using storytelling, poetry, music, and cultural commentary, they focused their joint practice on the production of artworks that seek to revolutionize understandings of masculinity. Outside of the studio, Titan and Khonsu X can be found tending radical land projects, producing Clubhouse Radio on WGXC, and playing with their beloved pitbulls. brokenboiscollective.tumblr.com