Ione's Dream Festival

Oct 01, 2007 - Oct 31, 2007
Various Locations

The Dream Festival is a celebration of dreams and dreamers curated by Kingston based author and dream facilitator Ione. Ione, who is artistic director of Deep Listening Institute, describes the festival as a community event that includes artwork and performances by world-class artists, everyday dreamers, and inspired beings throughout Kingston, the Hudson Valley, Capitol Region and beyond. Dream Box exhibits at local Dream Depots for dreamers to deposit their dreams to share with the community, an overnight concert, outdoor performances, kids dream mask workshop, a marathon of dreamers (day long mini presentations by the community), a procession of masks and giant puppets to West Strand Park, spontaneous dream theater in the streets, are but a sampling of the goings on. The Festival has an international presence via Ione's Dream Sack on the internet,, a site which constantly receives dreams from participants throughout the world. Ione’s 12th Annual Dream Festival – October 1-31, 2007
Video of dream fest footage in window - plus other related art work Dream music playing on speakers

October 6, 6-9 pm - Opening Reception for Artists in Dreamland at The Gallery at Artemis, 33 Broadway on the Rondout, Kingston. Artists in Dreamland explores various realities of one of the major aspects that connects us all...dreams. An exhibition that gives perspective on the dream worlds of the art makers. What does art look like when it's heavily influenced by dreams? Or when it's created in a dream state? Perhaps it offers delicious blends of the conscious and unconscious. Exhibiting from October 6-28.

October 14, 3 pm - "In Parallel: Dreaming Into Alternate Universes" with Norman Lowrey. The longest running performance in Dream Festival history! This performance begun October 14, 2000 Dream Festival and has been ongoing for the past seven years. Alternative Books, 35 North Front St, Uptown Kingston

October 18, 7 pm & 9 pm - NYC Premiere of Dreams of the Jungfrau, a new experimental narrative film written and directed by Ione with music and sound design by Pauline Oliveros. Wine and hors d'oeuvres Reception. 2 showings. Emily Harvey Gallery, 587 Broadway (corner of Spring & Broadway) NYC. By Donation.

October 19, 7-10 pm - Marathon of Dreamers - Dream-related presentations and performances by the Dream Community at large. 82 Prince Street, Midtown Kingston NY (off Broadway near the Muddy Cup & Planet wings)

October 19, 7-9 pm- SECOND SPACE DREAM FESTIVAL Concurrent with Marathon of Dreamers and Weave Concert (Streaming into Second Life)

October 19, 9 pm - Dreamwaker, Concert with Weave. A piece for sounding ensemble across states of dream reality, led by Sarah Weaver. 82 Prince Street, Midtown Kingston NY (off Broadway near the Muddy Cup & Planet wings) $10/$8

October 19, 10 pm to Midnight - SECOND SPACE DREAM FESTIVAL (Projected) Culminating in Virtual Overnight Dreaming

October 20, 11 am - Free Kid's Dream Art Workshop with artist Eleana Pellegrino followed by a kids' procession at the Kingston Urban Park with big puppets from the Center for Symbolic Studies in Tillson. Kingston Heritage Visitor's Center, 20 Broadway on the Rondout, Kingston.

October 20, 7 pm - Opening and Performance of Quaque nocte (meaning every night), a tapestry of dreams comes to life in a kinetic sculptural installation; a dreamscape world of puppets, masked performers, video and sound. Designed by Nathan Gresham-Lancaster and Maggie Cornell. Installation opens at 4 pm, performances throughout the course of the evening. 82 Prince Street, Midtown Kingston NY (off Broadway near the Muddy Cup & Planet Wings) $7/$5

October 21 5 pm - SECOND LIFE Projected Dreams and Creations of Avatars
October 21 at 5 pm - A Lucid Tea Party - a sonic wonderland event hosted by composer Zevin Polzin with a garnish of Dream Action Theater happenings. 82 Prince Street, Midtown Kingston NY (off Broadway near the Muddy Cup & Planet Wings) $7/$5. Streamed live on

October 21 at 8 pm - A Rumi Night - A concert with Steve Gorn - flute, John de Kadt - percussion & Peter Rogen performing the luminous words of Rumi. Ranging from ecstatic love poems to piercing observations of the human condition, all revealed in incomparable and unforgettable images, humor, and wit. A Rumi Night is often a deeply moving experience. $10/$8 Streamed live on