Wave Farm Artists-in-Residence: Kamari Carter and Gladstone Deluxe

Aug 30, 2024 - Sep 08, 2024
Wave Farm + WGXC Acra Studio

5662 Route 23 | Acra, NY 12405 | 518-622-2598

Kamari Carter and Gladstone Deluxe Portraits

Kamari Carter and Gladstone Deluxe Portraits.

Gladstone Deluxe Portrait

Gladstone Deluxe Portrait.

Codes is a newly-founded collaboration between Kamari Carter and Gladstone Deluxe that features an audio-visual durational performance using data extracted from live police scanner transmissions as a primary material for musical exploration. Deriving from Carter’s research-oriented practice revolving heavily around policing, incarceration, Black aesthetics, and surveillance, and Deluxe’s haptic, Afrological and techno-inspired analog compositional strategies, Codes works towards a synthesis of both schools of thought, and seeks to elevate the obfuscated.

Kamari Carter is a New York-based artist primarily working with sound, video, installation, and performance. His practice circumvents materiality and familiarity through a variety of recording and amplification techniques to investigate notions such as space, systems of identity, oppression, control, and surveillance. Driven by the probative nature of perception and the concept of conversation and social science, he seeks to expand narrative structures through sonic stillness. Carter’s work has been exhibited at such venues as Automata Arts, MoMA, Mana Contemporary, RISD Museum, Flux Factory, Lenfest Center for the Arts, and Wave Hill and has been featured in a range of major publications including ArtNet, Precog Magazine, LevelGround, and WhiteWall. Carter holds a BFA in Music Technology from California Institute of the Arts and an MFA in Sound Art from Columbia University. Kamari Carter is represented by Microscope Gallery in New York City.

Gladstone Deluxe is a New York-based artist working with percussion and electronics. As a percussionist, Gladstone is interested in how conceptions and politics of time are embodied, and can bleed into the social topography of a culture through rhythmic performance. As a technologist, they develop systems for the augmentation and amplification of percussive messages. His experimental approach towards composition and interface design is a collision of the spiritual and the cybernetic. In 2023, Deluxe released EPs with Black Techno Matters and is / was. Films that Deluxe scored were shown at the British Film Institute, a STARZ television premiere, the Hawai’i International Film Festival, and more. He’s appeared in galleries like The Warhol Museum, Rubin Foundation, Chashama, the Carnegie Museum of Art, and clubs throughout the U.S. In 202,4 he will collaborate with Moog Synthesizers, Sō Percussion, Attacca Quartet, and more. Gladstone also keeps busy as the timbales player for Las Mariquitas, which was recently featured in Rolling Stone.