Wave Farm Artist-in-Residence: Bob Drake

Jul 26, 2019 - Aug 04, 2019
Wave Farm + WGXC Acra Studio

5662 Route 23 | Acra, NY 12405 | 518-622-2598

Bob Drake Portrait Image

Bob Drake Portrait Image. Courtesy the artist. (Apr 01, 2019)

RC (Radio Control) is a collaborative performance system for multiple movement artists and software defined radios (SDRs). The system enables performers to adjust the tuning and other parameters of the SDRs based on their location within the performance space and position. Video cameras aimed at the performance area feed images to a motion tracking patch in Max (software), generating location information which will be scaled and sent to the SDRs via OSC messages, controlling their tuning. Performers will have individual choreography instructions for the piece; some will be attempting to control the sounds of the radio in a specified sequence, others will have movement instructions based on the sounds they hear.

Bob Drake is an improvising musician, composer, and electro-acoustic luthier from Cleveland Ohio. He designs, builds, and plays electronic instruments in the tradition of Don Buchla and David Tudor, performing on these electroniums plus original electro-acoustic and extended-technique traditional instruments. His performances span free and structured improvisation, new music composition, noise, and minimalist “lowercase” musics. He teaches sound art, media installation, and electronics at Cleveland Institute of Art.