Prime Time One_Todd Merrell

Sep 12, 2008: 8pm- 11:59 pm
free103point9 Online Radio

Brooklyn (2003 - 2004) | Acra (2005 - 2015), NY +

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Todd Merrell during Radio Festival 2006

Todd Merrell during Radio Festival 2006. at free103point9 Wave Farm. Photo: David La Spina (Aug 05, 2006)

'Prime Time One' is the first in a series of music works that change constantly for thousands of years, using only one-minute of repeating recorded audio. Inspired by the dream of making a recording that is different each time it is played, these pieces use repeating phrases of durations with prime number ratios and only one minute of recorded audio, some of which is silence, to produce works that evolve for centuries. 'Prime Time One' uses single sideband shortwave radio, field recordings, and processing as the source, created from the ether and environment. An accompanying film is being developed. Tune in at