ChatRooms at DRHA Conference | London

Sep 06, 2010: 8am- 10am

ChatRooms will be presented at this years DRHA Conference that is taking place at Brunel University, London.

Caterini Dinopoulou and Detour Collective present ChatRooms, a telematic performative installation that links, via the internet, three parallel events in three countries and use the device of digital double as a form of communication.


13.00 – 14.00 (GMT): The body images of two performers are captured in real-time in England and Greece simultaneously. Then, the performers interact with each other by observing and manipulating their superimposed images on a single projection screen, creating a virtual dance duet. Spectators can enter and leave at any time.

14.00 – 15.00 (GMT): Spectators can book slots in order to actively participate, replacing the performer in England. They can experience the installation on a one-to-one basis, interacting with the performer in Greece. You are welcome to just watch if you prefer.

A telematic sound performance by Dalot, entitled Meditation on an Invisible City , is ChatRooms’ soundscape for the whole event. This comprises live transmitted environmental sounds from the New York cityscape and abstract rhythmical patterns.

Special thanks to free103point9 for providing technical support and sponsorship to the project.