ChatRooms | Meeting Point

Jun 25, 2010 - Jun 27, 2010


Telematic Performative Installation
25 – 27 June,18.30 – 21.30 (GMT)

Detour Collective and Caterini Dinopoulou present ChatRooms, a telematic performative installation that links, via the internet, three parallel events in three countries through the device of digital double as a form of communication. The duration of the installation is three hours each day, from 18.30 to 21.30. Spectators can enter and leave at any time.


18.30 – 19.30 (GMT): The body images of two performers are captured in real-time in England and Greece simultaneously. Then, the performers interact with each other by observing and manipulating their superimposed images on a single projection screen, creating a virtual dance duet.

19.30 – 20.30 (GMT): After the performance, spectators can book slots in order to actively participate, replacing the performer at the University of Chichester. They can experience the installation on a one-to-one basis, interacting with the performer at the Centre of Mediterranean Architecture / K.A.M. (Chania, Greece). You are welcome to just watch if you prefer.

20.30 – 21.30 (GMT): Greek spectators replace the performer at the K.A.M. (Chania, Greece) and interact with the performer at the University of Chichester. You are welcome to watch.

You can also watch the event online at:

A telematic sound performance by Maria Papadomanolaki, entitled Meditation on an Invisible City, is ChatRooms’ soundscape for the whole event. This comprises live transmitted environmental sound from the New York cityscape, drones, voices and abstract rhythmical patterns.

These events take place in association with: University of Chichester, Centre of Mediterranean Architecture, Municipality of Chania, K.E.DI.H. and

Sponsored by: ANEK lines

University of Chichester, Studio 5
Bishop Otter Campus, College Lane
Chichester, PO19 6PE
Tel: 01243 816485 (Mon-Fri), 07811134066 (Sat-Sun)

Centre of Mediterranean Architecture
Akti Topazi 31, Katehaki Square
Chania, 73132
Τel: 0030 28210 40201

Concept: Caterini Dinopoulou
Director / Choreographer: Caterini Dinopoulou
Interactive Video Artist: Neil Bryant, Caterini Dinopoulou
Performers: Myrto Gkouzelou, Rosanna Tat
Interactive Sound Artist: Dalot (Maria Papadomanolaki)


Caterina Dinopoulou is a director, choreographer, interactive video artist and performer working on the field of interactive digital performance and installation exploring the phychological disembodiment and the embodiment of a digital double. She presented productions such as the digital performance Alter-egos, the interactive video installation 512:Personas, the multimedia dance performance Amalgam and the audiovisual live installation 2² in England, Finland, Cyprus and Greece. A video of the Amalgam performance received an award from The Video Art Gallery of London in 2007. She delivers workshops on choreography, performance and digital media in dance institutes in both England and Greece. She holds a BA (Hons) Dance and Visual Arts, University of Brighton. In 2008, Caterini was successfully awarded with a scholarship from the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, which has allowed her to complite an MA in Performance: Dance Maker at the University of Chichester. She is a founding member of Detour Collective.

Myrto Gkouzelou is a freelance performer and choreographer. She holds a first class Honours degree and a PGDip in Contemporary Dance, from London Contemporary Dance School. She has collaborated with various choreographers and one of her works was especially commissioned by the V&A Museum, for Friday Late collaborate.

Maria Papadomanolaki is a sound artist working with field recordings, found sounds and telematic performance. She releases her music as dalot and was recently singed with the independent US label n5MD.

Neil Bryant is a UK based artist primarily working with video and interactive video, his work has screened both nationally and internationally, the focus of current work explores the tension between mediated signs & Informing and reflecting cultural meaning.

Meeting Point

Meditation on an invisible city will serve as the sonic background for Meeting Point, an installation/performance that will occur, in parallel to ChatRooms, in the space of KAM (Mediterranean Center of Architecture, Greece).

In a gallery space, within which a 2x2 m square floor becomes the private space,

About the piece

a unity and protective shell,

a figure

exists in a mutating urbane landscape, keeping or giving up equilibrium in an ever on- going cycle changing forms through time and space.

The Meeting Point is a "passage", a third space acting like an indispensable continuance of two other spaces. It is part of a broader research dealing with the -in situ- installation of Man in the midst of Architecture. This particular installation focuses on the circumstances, the experiences lived through the moving body in a restricted space and raises questions on its interactions and reactions in relation to time and space. The body is the main instrument and subject of research in this interaction and functions as a mediator in the quest for a physical identity (cultural, social).

Meeting point is a project by Alice Hiotaki