Radio Stew: Shortwavemusic

Jan 08, 2013: 12:02 am- 1am
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Following 2012′s reissue of “The Disintegration Loops,” now Auris Apothecary has reissued William Basinski’s debut album, “Shortwavemusic.” The record was recorded in New York in 1982, and first released by Raster-Noton in 1998. For the 30th anniversary of “Shortwavemusic” the label created a reel-to-reel version of the project for a Jan. 1 release. They’ve also made the music free and streamable online, and this show will tune it in. Plus, Myke Dodge Weiskopf curates "ShortWaveMusic," traveling abroad and recording shortwave radio and turning it in to beautiful collages, which will be heard here. Plus, a few Sublime Frequencies will be tuned in.