how you treat them is what you are (Audio)

Dec 04, 2021
Joan Schuman

Joan Schuman's how you treat them is what you are (2021, 24:41 min.) is a trilogy including The Hitman (7:18 min.), Extinction (5:26 min.), and Slaughter (8:37 min.)

Humans set themselves apart from other animals and in doing so, they behave abhorrently towards them—and benevolently so. There’s a lack of clear villains and heroes. Each scene in the human-animal entanglement is a witness to climate chaos and disease and to the heedless expectations of commerce as we attempt to control the churning mayhem. The audio loops around itself with an imposed linearity, catching the listener at whim, radio-like. It’s framed by the artist’s barely audible presence and the earth’s version and scale of companionship.

Field sound recordings, composition and mixing by Joan Schuman. Collaborations with Gregory Whitehead (vocals, The Hitman); a random Fox News TV report (Extinction); and voice-layers from Blue Blossom Farm, Arcata, CA (Slaughter).