Radio Opera with Gregory Whitehead and Yvette Janine Jackson (Audio)

Apr 05, 2019
A Wave Farm Presents program at Tufts University Art Galleries.

This event was part of two days of activities celebrating the culmination of the 2018/2019 academic year-long "Wave Farm (in residence) at Tufts University Art Galleries." Presented at the Distler Music Hall, Radio Opera featured an introductory presentation by Gregory Whitehead, a revelatory exploration of radio space as a context for understanding radio opera in relationship to the radiobody. Following, Yvette Janine Jackson presented 45 minute program featuring three of her radio opera works: "Invisible People (A Radio Opera): Episode One -Deliverance" (19:40); "Swan" (10:45), and "Destination to…?" (14:06).

Gregory Whitehead is an internationally influential and acclaimed radiomaker, audio artist, sound poet, singer of tales and media philosopher. Traversing more than four decades, his work celebrates radiophonic space as an infinite medium of poetic navigation and free association.

Yvette Janine Jackson is a composer of electroacoustic, chamber, and orchestral musics for concert, theatre, and installation. Building on her experience as a theatrical sound designer, she blends various forms into her own aesthetic of radio opera that draws from history to examine relevant social issues..