Morning Is Broken (Audio)

Dec 04, 2021
Colin Black
About his new radio artwork Morning Is Broken (2021, 20:00 min.), Colin Black writes, "We all like to believe that the morning represents a new fresh positive start to the day, the beginning of what is expected to be cohesive whole experience, but what this work brings focus to is that sometimes mornings can also be broken, as it can be in life, in one way or another as it breaks up all around us. Moreover, this resulting shattered soundscape is further reflected and amplified back to us via various media streams. This work is meant as a stark reminder to not take your morning for granted, treasure it, or your morning could turn into mourning for what was accidentally or recklessly lost."

Produced, Composed, Recorded Compiled and Mixed by Colin Black. Interviewee: Ines Milosevic “Morning Is Broken” is a CONA live in situ commission and part of the Soundcamp 2021 on-line festival led by Acoustic Commons.