Howardian is a long-running art rock group fronted by Ian Vanek (Japanther) with contributions from a rotating cast of friends and musicians such as Mac Dawg, Kevin O’meara (Wham City, Dan Deacon, Video Hippos), Boots Riley (The Coup), Troy Marerro, and Adam Amram (Ken South Rock.) Vanek has been creating as Howardian since 1993; more recently a live touring band has formed under the constant musical and spiritual supervision of Mac Dawg.

Howardian's tracks feature fuzzy, distorted walls of sound, piano driven melodies and plenty of samples, all with a scuzzy garage-rock vibe--but rather than being a product of NYC, the project takes cues from Vanek's native state of Washington, with slick elements that mimic the south Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest's dense, lush rain forest. Vanek’s writing partner Mac Dawg has inspired him to make new Hip-Hop informed pop rock songs with rebellious twisting rhythms.