Wave Farm Hour Two: Agustina Woodgate, Jeff Kolar (Audio)

Dec 12, 2020
Created by Agustina Woodgate with Florencia Curci, and Jeff Kolar.

Segunda Persona by Agustina Woodgate with Florencia Curci.
A multilingual remix amongst friends. A fabulous and loving speculation about the second person. Where are the words coming from? ¿Cuál es el oldest tú? What if they come from you?
“The spanish Tú sounds like a spit”
“In French, Le Toi also means the roof, the You has this connotation of being something that protects you. You, the entity that gives you shelter, that helps you find solace”
“Nderehe is the guarani for tú. Nderehe are not always humans”
The many ways of saying You explore the many yous possible.

- I care about you. - You will always be vos.

Useful Radio by Jeff Kolar.
Useful Radio is a new radio mix focused on radio voices, citizen listening, and the intimacy of signals. Featuring collaborations with Joe Jeffers, Anna Friz, and Zeena Parkins. Track listing in order or appearance: Untitled by Jeff Kolar; Creepy Tipi by Joe Jeffers and Jeff Kolar; Far Gone by Jeff Kolar; Useful Radio by Anna Friz and Jeff Kolar; Hooking by Zeena Parkins and Jeff Kolar; and Prologue by Zeena Parkins and Jeff Kolar.