Audio Buffet (For Pauline Oliveros): Sound Pieces (Audio)

Jul 22, 2017
Recorded and edited from the live webstream.
Composer Daniel Steffey led attendees in a group performance of the Sound Pieces text score, which is articulated as follows:

"Each person prepares a number of sounds to present within a predetermined duration. Each person can have as many sound sources as she or he wants as long as they can be presented within the given duration (i.e. ten minutes). Each person devises his or her own time scheme for these sounds within the given duration. The piece begins with the first sound and ends when the time is up.

In this piece, a sound could come from any sort of sound source. The sound could be shorter or longer, softer or louder, simple or complex but not identifiable as a fragment or phrase of music (from a radio or a recording for example). Each sound used should have its own character. Sounds that are difficult to identify might be more interesting. Sounds that come from unusual sources, methods of activation, or locations might have more interest. The sound sources might be visually interesting (or not) and could be staged to enliven the performance space in an interesting audio as well as visual and dramatic design. Sounds could be local or distant with stationary or moving sound sources.

Variation: Sounds are activated before, after, or with another sound. The duration of the piece may be predetermined or (if time is not limited) the piece could go on until the energy is spent.

for Charles Boone
and his San Francisco Art Institute Class
July 13, 1998
- Pauline Oliveros

Pauline Oliveros performed this text score at Groundswell, organized by Wave Farm and The Olana Partnership at The Olana State Historic Park in 2013.