Pressures of the Unspeakable (Audio)

May 31, 2020
Created by Gregory Whitehead (1991). Introduced by Karen Werner.
Pressures of the Unspeakable is a radio art classic that takes you on a journey worth going on. Gregory Whitehead was invited to spend six weeks in Sydney, Australia working with the Australian Broadcast Corporation in the role of Dr. Scream and his Institute for Screamscape Studies. They set up a 24 hour phone line called the "screamline" and invited people to phone in screams. Presumably the screams could be collected and studied, generating a typology of the human scream plus a map of Sydney’s own nervous system. Gregory Whitehead assembled a pseudo-documentary out of the materials. As you will hear, Pressures of the Unspeakable develops this clever premise into a very memorable experience and work of radio art. - Introduced by Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow 2019/2020, Karen Werner.