Kevin Shea

Kevin Shea is a drummer: GET THE PEOPLE Ben Simon (guitar, voice, songs) Kyle Forester (bass) Kevin Shea (drums). Get The People - Self-titled CD (RuminanCe 2007). PEOPLE Mary Halvorson (guitar, voice, compositions) Kevin Shea (drums, voice, words). 1. People - Self-titled CD/LP (I&Ear 2005). 2. People - Misbegotten Man enhanced CD (I&Ear 2007). TALIBAM! Matt Mottel (synthesizer) Kevin Shea (drums). 1. Talibam! - Self-Titled CDr (Evolving Ear 2005 EE13cdr). 2. Talibam! - Hungry Hungry Hemispheres CDr (live on WUOG, Fair School 2006). 3. V/A- Less Self Is More Self Tarantula Hill Benefit 2XCD (Ecstatic Peace 2006, E#107). 4. V/ A - Getting Rid Of The Glue LP (w/DIRTY CHURCHES | SPIN-17 | K.P. | BIG A little a | FESSENDEN | EAGER MEEK | MIALESSOT W/ DANIEL CARTER & OLD GHOST | MARIA CHAVEZ | TALIBAM! | EXCEPTER, Pendu Sound 2006, PSR-0016). 5. Talibam! - Power And Terror CDr (re-release of Hungry Hungry Heispheres . Kitty Play Records 2007). 6. Talibam! / Le Harmacy - Split Cassette Tape C30 (Limited to 50 copies, MT5 TAPES! 2007, MT500001). 7. Talibam! - Buns And Gutter CD (Gaffer Records 2007, GR012). 8. Talibam! - Live At Tonic NYC CDr (Limited to 100 hand-numbered hand-made copies. Blackest Rainbow 2007). 9. Talibam! Ordination Of The Globetrotting Conscripts CD (w/ guests guests Moppa Elliott, Michael Evans, Peter Evans, Jon Irabagon, Sam Kulik, Robbie Lee, Cooper-Moore, Anders Nilsen, Ed Bear and Jeremy Wilms, Azul Discografica 2007, azd06). 10. Talibam! - The Excusable Earthling LP (Pendu Sound 2007). MOSTLY OTHER PEOPLE DO THE KILLING Peter Evans (trumpet) Jon Irabagon (tenor sax) Moppa Elliott (upright bass, compositions) Kevin Shea (drums). 1. MOPDTK - Self-titled CD (Hot Cup 2005). 2. MOPDTK - Shamokin CD (Hot Cup 2007). PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ Bj Rubin (croons) Kevin Shea (drums) 1. POTR - The Slam Bang Tang of Gin and Vermouth CDr (self-released 2006). 2. POTR - tba CD (featuring MOPDTK, 2008?). 3. V/A - tba CD (Love Pump 2008?). PETER EVANS QUARTET Peter Evans (trumpet, compositions) Brandon Seabrook (guitar) Tom Blancarte (upright bass) Kevin Shea (drums) 1. Peter Evans Quartet - ! CD (slated for October release on Firehouse 12 Records 2007). COPTIC LIGHTJon Fine (guitar) Jeff Winterberg (bass) Kevin Shea (drums) 1. Coptic Light - self-titled 7" (Volume One 2004). 2. V/A - They Keep Me Smiling CD (United Bamboo 2004). 3. Coptic Light - self-titled CD (No Quarter 2005). 4. Coptic Light - ep CDep (Four songs enhanced with 15 minute video of a performance in Tokyo, Dotlinecircle 2006). AJI NO MOTO Jeremy Wilms (guitar, compositions) Nick Demopoulos (guitar) Danton Boller (bass) Tomas Fujiwara, Greg Gonzalez, Kevin Shea (drums). 1. Aji No Moto - Self-titled CDr/ep (4 songs, 2006). Sexy Thoughts I don't know who this is, but there are 26 free downloadable tracks + a live bootleg available from Richmond County Archives. WRITE THAT DOWN Jason Forrest (laptoppery, turntablism, some screams) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Colin Meeder (vocals, bass guitar, Bb trumpet) Kevin Shea (drums). 7 GOATS Mark Tierney (guitar) Scott Prairie (bass) Kevin Shea (drums). 1. 7Goats - The Best Of Jackie Gleason (Seeing Seamans Records 1996). NEW YORK 69 Adam Caine (guitar) Kevin Shea (drums). We are Williamsburg's finest fusion band, and our debut release will be the soundtrack to our currently-in-production soft-core DVD, which stars us, and which will feature many musicians in the NYC free jazz community. Get in touch to participate or contribute. STORM & STRESS Ian Willams (guitar) Erich Emm (bass) Kevin Shea (drums) 1. storm&stress - Self-titled CD/2xLP (Touch & Go Records 1997). 2. stormandstress - Under Thunder And Fluorescent Light CD/LP (Touch & Go 2000) OTHER STUFF 1.Love Of Everything - friENDS 9-song CDep (I play drums on 4 songs, Record Label, 2003). 2. V/A - Membranaphonics CD (I contributed a drum solo track, Monitor Records 2001). 3. Dan Warburton, Adam Sonderberg, Kevin Shea - Folktales 03. 3 mini CD's (Crouton, 2002). 4. Parts & Labor, Ty Braxton - Rise Rise Rise split CD (Brian Chase and I play double drums on two of Ty's songs, Narnack 2003). 5. V/A - Just Drums II 2XCD (Ravish Momin and I contributed a drum duet, Fever Pitch Magazine, 2005). 6. Swirlies - Cats of the Wild: Volume 2 CD mini-album (There's a 30-second edit of me on this CD, Bubble Core 2003). 7. Ira Cohen - The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda DVD (In the DVD extras, I played in Will Swafford's Expanded Instrument System for the soundtrack to Brain Damage, 2006).