Audio Buffet (For Pauline Oliveros): Talking with Birds (Audio)

Jul 22, 2017
Recorded and edited from the live webstream.
Tom Miller's "Talking with Birds," is a site-specific sounding event in homage to Pauline Oliveros's "Sonic Meditations." Using the installation "Pond Station" by Zach Poff as a point of reception and transmission, a small fleet of sounding objects, including small transistor radios receiving micro FM transmissions, music boxes or other mechanical devices, is launched on a Wave Farm pond and guided by wind, current and human interaction. Sound-images broadcast above and below the water’s surface include field recordings of migratory birds and local wildlife, bird and animal calls of hunters and shamans, and recordings made during the residency period. As the objects drift towards and away from the Pond Station’s hydrophones (underwater microphones), they mix themselves into foreground and background together with the sounds of the pond.