Qualia (Audio)

Nov 14, 2019
Created by Charo Calvo (2016). Introduced by Karen Werner.
Qualia is a word that refers to the intangible internal feelings and memories we get from sensory perception. Calvo, who works with sound in an intuitive and skillful way, sound designs the stories of five women, evoking what can’t be said in words. Each of the five women in this piece is, like Calvo, an artist based in Belgium but is originally from somewhere else. Calvo invites each woman to tell a story in her mother tongue. Calvo who is from Spain is the fifth storyteller in the piece. Charo Calvo produced Qualia for the Australian Broadcast Corporation show Soundproof in 2016 and the piece has won numerous awards. Qualia features the voices of Kitty Crowther, Zahava Seebald, Meryam Bayram, Caroline Daish, and Charo Calvo. For an online article about Qualia, see: - Introduced by Wave Farm Radio Artist Fellow 2019/2020, Karen Werner.