Celeste (Audio)

Aug 06, 2022
Glass Salt (Johann Diedrick and Caylie Staples)

Celeste is a new radio art piece by Glass Salt, an experimental music duo comprised of Caylie Stapes and Johann Diedrick, in collaboration with the radio transmission frequencies floating in the sky, the celestial sphere, and deep space. On the theme of “the duo”, Glass Salt engages with two opposing ends of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum: the very low frequencies in the atmosphere between 3 and 30khz, and the cosmic gamma radiation emitted from stellar radio sources at frequencies above 30 exahertz. This combination of a musical duo engaging with a duo of extreme frequency bands allows for the creation of adventurous new radio artwork that brings the unhearable into the range of human listening and performance. Celeste will be composed and broadcasted during the annual Perseid meteor shower, which brings over 100 shooting stars per hour to the night sky and will set the stage for a celestial backdrop for Glass Salt’s atmospheric engagement with the sky above.

Celeste features interviews with Trevor Diedrick and Abram Morphew.