Anna Friz

Mar 07, 2008 6:30 am

From Grammerfight:
This month, I'm featuring one of my favorite women sound artists each week. This week, it's Anna Friz. Friz is a sound and radio artist who divides her time between Toronto and Montréal. From the childhood fiction of "the little people in the radio" to documentary remixes of live political events, she creates dynamic, atmospheric works equally able to reflect upon public media culture, urban soundscapes, or to reveal interior landscapes. She has performed and exhibited installation works at festivals and venues across North America, Europe, and in Mexico. Her radio art/works have been commissioned by national public radio in Canada, Austria, Germany, Danmark and Mexico, and heard on independent airwaves in more than 15 countries. Anna also designs and composes sound for live theatre and dance. Anna Friz is a transmission artist.