Wave Farm Email Announcement November 2019

Nov 05, 2019 9:23 am
Radio Out of Bounds @ Yale. Newly installed at Wave Farm, New on WGXC-FM, and Fall Pledge Drive thank yous! Save the Date: MAAF Grants for Artists.
Wave Farm Lectures @ Yale Monday
Soundcamp's Test Site of Acoustic Commons 1
New on WGXC-FM today and Wednesday night!
Fall Pledge Drive thank yous!
Save the Date: MAAF Grants for Artists.
Wave Farm

Turn out or Tune in: Radio Out of Bounds: Artist Experiments with the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Nov 11, 2019: 5pm- 6pm
Whitney Humanities Center
53 Wall Street, Room 208 | New Haven, CT 06520-8298

Wave Farm 's Galen Joseph-Hunter and Tom Roe will present “Radio Out of Bounds: Artist Experiments with the Electromagnetic Spectrum” as part of Yale's Franke Lectures in the Humanities, in conjunction with a Yale College seminar taught by Brian Kane. The event will be streamed live on Wave Farm Radio at wavefarm.org/listen.

The Franke Lectures are made possible by the generosity of Richard and Barbara Franke, and are intended to present important topics in the Humanities to a wide and general audience.

Test Site of Acoustic Commons 1

By Soundcamp. Newly installed at Wave Farm


Listen Live

TSAC 1 is a listening point linked to an online network of open microphones. A stream box on the edge of woodland at Wave Farm sends a live feed to a server at Locus Sonus in Aix-Marseille, from where it is publicly accessible on a real-time soundmap.

By placing such sites in the public domain, TSAC makes local sounds available to listeners for whatever purposes. This can be a way to pay attention to under-recognized places, to study their changing soundscapes through days, seasons and long durations, and to tune between local and planetary scales.

The listening point uses omnidirectional microphones which are open to the full range of sounds reaching the streambox. This could include stridulations of insects, wind in different kinds of foliage, birds, planes, passers-by, flows of traffic on Route 23.

As well as being free to listen to online at any time, the site at Wave Farm is open to the public for International Dawn Chorus Day on the first weekend of May each year, and at other times by arrangement.

The Acoustic Commons is imagined as a set of places and practices that contribute to an emerging sense of environmental sounds as shared natural and cultural resources. The intersection of environmental and transmission ecologies at Wave Farm provides a home and a starting point for these exchanges. The live feed can also be a resource for other projects and improvisations.

TSAC 1 is open to the public each International Dawn Chorus day and by appointment. See Wave Farm contact and locations for details.

Test Site of Acoustic Commons 1 is a project of Soundcamp. Read more at soundtent.org. To join the Acoustic Commons project, and for information on adding a test site to the network, please contact grant@soundtent.org.

Premiere Broadcasts Around the Corner!
Tune in Wave Farm Radio: WGXC 90.7-FM

Tongue and Cheek:
Valve Lash

Tuesday, November 5, 2 - 3 p.m.
Voiced and led by Tim Simonds, Aaron Lehman and Emma McCormick-Goodhart.

In their live premiere on Wave Farm Radio: WGXC, Tongue and Cheek is diagnosing machines and bodies as a reaching into them. Tongue and Cheek is a radio series of proprioceptive exercises, interviews about practices of communication, and archival sound. A routine for warming up our means of communication. Presented monthly as a combination of live and prerecorded sessions.

DISCO 3000

Wednesdays 8 - 10 p.m.
Premiere Broadcast: Nov. 6, 2019
Hosted and produced by Andrew O’Connor.

DISCO 3000 is good music on the radio. A weekly 2-hour free form music program recorded live to air from Andrew O’Connor’s long running clandestine radio project Parkdale Pirate Radio. DISCO 3000 is beamed out live from Andrew’s home studio to a handful of listeners in his neighborhood of Parkdale in Toronto Canada, and now through a collaboration with WGXC and Wave Farm can now be streamed online every Wednesday at 8 pm.

An Enormous Thank you
to WGXC's 48 new Sustaining Supporters!

We came in just shy of our goal of 50. Thank you to WGXC's 48 new, or increased, Sustaining Supporters that signed up during the recent two-week drive: 

  1. Alison Murphy (Hudson, NY)
  2. Anna Kovel (Brooklyn, NY)
  3. Anonymous (Brentwood, MD)
  4. Anonymous (Catskill, NY)
  5. Anonymous (Catskill, NY)
  6. Anonymous (East Chatham, NY)
  7. Anonymous (Freehold, NY)
  8. Anonymous (Hudson, NY)
  9. Anonymous (Hudson, NY)
  10. Anonymous (Kingston, NY)
  11. Anonymous (Lake Hill, NY)
  12. Anonymous (Yardley, PA)
  13. Bella Janssens (Brooklyn, NY)
  14. Beth R (Acra, NY)
  15. Brendan Donegan (Hudson, NY)
  16. Charles Hailer (Coxsackie, NY)
  17. Claire (Acra, NY)
  18. Danielle Riou (Tivoli, NY)
  19. Dave Bolevice (Philmont, NY)
  20. David Goren (Brooklyn, NY)
  21. Diane Moore (Copake, NY)
  22. Dronechoir (Hudson, NY)
  23. Edward Ruchalski (Syracuse, NY)
  24. Eric Miller (Cropseyville, NY)
  25. Erik Belgum (Shafer, MN)
  26. Heidi Neilson (Long Island City, NY)
  27. J, Johannes, Froebel-Parker (Ravena, NY)
  28. Jean M. Douglas (High Falls, NY)
  29. Joan Schuman (Watsonville, CA)
  30. John Mason (Chatham, NY)
  31. Joshua Malle (Seattle, WA)
  32. Justin Luke (Brooklyn, NY)
  33. Karen Werner (Montague, MA)
  34. Lea Bertucci (Ridgewood, NY)
  35. Marty Rosenbaum (Albany, NY)
  36. Milad H. Mozari (Murray, UT)
  37. Pat (Catskill, NY)
  38. Paul and Liz (Kinderhook, NY)
  39. Richard Goldstein (Lafayette Hill, PA)
  40. Rob Gelles (Hudson, NY)
  41. Sabisha Friedberg (New York, NY)
  42. SJ (Great Barrington, MA)
  43. Stephen Bull (Greenport, NY)
  44. Timothy Simonds (New York, NY)
  45. Tina Sharpe (Hillsdale, NY)
  46. Wayne Sheridan (Catskill, NY)

    Business Supporters
  47. Delmar Wellness Center (Valatie, NY)
  48. Lili and Loo (Hudson, NY)

We secured 48 of 50. You can close the gap!


Save the Deadline Date! MAAF for Artists
2020 Deadline is January 15.


MAAF for Artists Opportunities:


Completion Support

Funds are available to assist artists in the final stages of completing new work in all genres of sound and moving image art, including emergent technology. In addition to a detailed work plan, the successful applicant will demonstrate how this support will lead to future distribution and exhibition for public audiences.

  • Funding Available: up to $5,000
  • Application Deadline: January 15, 11:59 p.m. EST
  • Notification Date: March
  • Period of Support: 9 months (March - November)
  • Final Report Deadline: December 31


Distribution / Exhibition Support

The goal of MAAF Distribution / Exhibition Support is to ensure completed works are experienced by public audiences. Funds are available for projects, finished during the most recent calendar year, that demonstrate a practical distribution plan, appropriate to the completed work and the intended public context. The successful applicant will submit a detailed distribution strategy and plan, as well as identify intended exhibition venue(s), and audience(s).

  • Funding Available: up to $10,000
  • Application Deadline: January 15, 11:59 p.m. EST
  • Notification Date: March
  • Period of Support: 12 Months (March - February)
  • Final Report Deadline: April 30

For individual artists, the Media Arts Assistance Fund (MAAF) provides support for the completion, distribution and exhibition of new works in all genres of sound and moving image art, including emergent technology. Grant awards assist artists in completing new work, reaching public audiences, and advance artistic exploration and public engagement in the media arts.

MAAF is made possible through a regrant from the NYSCA Electronic Media and Film program. Applicants who have questions regarding eligibility are encouraged to contact Wave Farm at info@wavefarm.org after reading the guidelines in detail.



Wave Farm thanks you for your support.

Wave Farm remains tirelessly committed to making the airwaves a participatory medium. A pioneer of the Transmission Arts genre, Wave Farm programs provide access to transmission technologies and support artists and organizations that engage with media as an art form.

These activities are made possible, in part, from state and federal art grants, foundation support, earned income derived from studio rentals and special curatorial/consulting engagements, and from private support from individuals like you. Listeners, attendees, and collaborators support provides a critical piece to keeping Wave Farm programs afloat, and we are grateful to the many individuals who have shown their generosity past, present, and future.


Wave Farm programs are made possible, in part, by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature; the National Endowment for the Arts; the Greene County Legislature through the County Initiative Program, administered in Greene County by the Greene County Council on the Arts; the Alexander and Marjorie Hover Foundation; the T. Backer Fund; the Joseph Family Charitable Trust; and hundreds of other generous individual donors, including WGXC Sustaining Supporters, who provide critical monthly support to Wave Farm's radio station WGXC 90.7-FM.


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