OPEN CALL: Repressed II works on paper

Jan 13, 2007 3:33 pm
There exists a class system within the confines of most societies where a small percentage of the ruling class dictates the dreams and realities of a larger percentage of those who happen to be economically or socially challenged. Within the same system, there exists a economically and socially sanctioned creative culture known as the artists’ class who disguise themselves as painters, graphic designers, musicians, writers and other creative individuals. When in reality they are nothing but a homogenized version of what they emulate.

The intent of this year’s 804noise exhibition is to focus more, but not be limited to, philosophically progressive and/or socially provocative works. We have far surpassed a cultural level of basic image making and find great importance in creating social programs helping to sustain a visual dialogue. As artists, we present new ideas or criticisms to the general public, helping perpetuate social evolution. With that in mind, this year's March show will be prompted with the intent to give back to our neighborhood.

We are searching for artists who seek a language that speaks to the people who experience an unfathomable amount of strife in their lives -- those who wish to provide their community with new dreams that have yet to show up on a t-shirt. We want people who strive to push the envelope and join the ranks of the socially aware avant-garde. For more information and submission form, please download this .pdf file [ ]

Entry Requirements:
1.) All works must be submitted by February 19 and upon acceptance,
delivered and present by February 26.
2.)We would like works intended to contribute socially or
philosophically to cultural evolution. (Historical propaganda artifacts also accepted)
3.) Work must use paper as its canvas, basis, etc.
4.) Artists must supply their own transportation of the work
5.) Both 2D and 3D works will be accepted. Live footage is also acceptable, however, must be sent to us in an editable format (for the possibility of a video collage).
6.) All work must be properly labeled with name, date, and medium.
7.) Work must be framed and/or mounted.
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