WFMU's live streams on iPhone

Nov 05, 2007 6:56 pm
From WFMU:
We are pleased to announce that WFMU's live streams are finally available on the iPhone. iPhone listeners can point their browsers at and listen to our live mp3 streams at either 128k or 32k and also choose from a selection of our archived content and podcasts. Based on our initial testing it will come as no surprise that tuning in over Wifi will get you the best results however we've also had reports of listeners with strong EDGE reception tuning in at 128k without issue. Since the Quicktime Player in the iPhone has somewhat poor buffering compared with thick client-side players like Winamp and iTunes, we recommend listening to the 32k stream while connected over EDGE. For the time being we are only offering a small subset of our archived content and podcasts on the iPhone but will be adding more content as time goes by....

Tversity: A month or so ago, Tversity, a New Jersey based software company, announced that they had figured out a way to stream to the iPhone. Tversity's main product offering is a media server that allows you to stream all your audio and video content from your home computer to various web enabled devices (including many mobile devices and game consoles). I tend to think of TVersity as a variation on Sling Player or something similar to DotTunes but with many more features.

After contacting Tversity we learned that they also have some products aimed at enterprise level clients and they do a lot of work providing media delivery solutions to various wireless carriers. Over time we've been able to do some minor tweaking with their product and we're very pleased with the results.
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