Max Goldfarb joins free103point9 Transmission Artists

Jul 31, 2008 3:59 am

free103point9 is pleased to announce that Max Goldfarb has joined the free103point9 Transmission Artists. (Pictured: Ambulant Tranceivers (2008) in "Off The Grid," Neuberger Museum of Art. Photos: Left: David La Spina; Center: Max Goldfarb; Right: David La Spina.)

free103point9 works with this core group of 21 artists pioneering transmission as a medium for creative expression. This genre includes experimental practices in radio art, video art, light sculpture, and installation and performance utilizing the electromagnetic spectrum. Goldfarb's work is featured in two current and upcoming free103point9 projects: Ambulant Transceivers (2008) is on view in "Off The Grid" at Neuberger Museum of Art through September 14, 2008; and M49, a retrofit radio-utility truck (a Grumman Kurbmaster stepvan), which has been outfitted for mobile radio transmission and other additional applications will be presented in Mobile49 + free103point9 = Radio Walk at Denniston Hill on August 23, 2008.

The work of Max Goldfarb intersects many disciplines. His public works projects enjoin radio transmissions with infrastructures of the built environment, improvised radio-electronic objects, and performative architecture. Goldfarb's situational interventions explore conceptual properties of interference with strategies of unpredictability. His ongoing project M49, centers around a radio-utility studio housed inside a converted emergency vehicle, drawing together many facets Goldfarb's creative project.

Goldfarb graduated from the MIT Visual Studies Program in 2006 and currently teaches at Parsons. Goldfarb has exhibited his work at such venues as the SculptureCenter, NY; Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, NY; Western Front, Vancouver, B.C.; Mjellby Art Center, Halmstad. Sweden; Art & Idea, Mexico City; De Stadgalerij, NL; and Fringe Exhibitions Space, Los Angeles, CA. His work will be included in the upcoming exhibit, Burocrazy at 99 Proyecto in Guatemala, curated by Ivan Navarro.

M49 Studio inventory: ...Video camera dashboard mount, Solar charging units, Enamel line striping mechanism, UHF scanners, Teakwood, NiCad rechargeable batteries, Quickrete, Bicycle-powered generator, Wire snips, PFD, Conductive thread, Urethane mold, Infrared laser, Resistors, Vacuum forms, Breadboard, Vintage first aid kits, Inverter, Telekey/lamp attachment, Firewood, Flagpole, Marine deep-cycle battery, Jumper cables, Oars, Hot glue, Magnifying glass, RC auto chassis, Greenwich SW radio frequency guide, Woodstove, Transformer, Pencil sharpener, Desktop microphone, Chemical disaster training suit, Mining helmet, Electrolytic capacitors, Chalkboard, Surveying equipment, Automobile compass, Torsion clamp, Amplifier, Velcro, QSL album, Custom Argonaut work suit, Glass cutter, Polyethylene tarp, LP transmitter, Tow strap, Nickel plated clippers, Soldering iron, Colored pencils, Inflatable outboard, Multi-band transceiver, Table saw, Post hole digger, Pup tent, Trebuchet. Coaxial cable, Ultracal, Trip sensor circuits, Screwdrivers, Emergency beacon, Transistors….

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