Two job openings at Prometheus Radio Project

Mar 28, 2008 12:29 am
The Prometheus Radio Project is hiring for two permanent full time jobs -- a Station Support Organizer and a Campaign Director. Please read the e-mail below for short descriptions of our organization, of the jobs, and for details on what you'll need to send us to apply. Full job descriptions can be found on our website: Send all materials to jobs @ with the appropriate job mentioned in the subject line.

The Prometheus Radio Project is a grassroots organization that works to expand and protect community radio stations, and to promote a more democratic and accountable media in the United States and around the world. From Black Panther-led community centers in Tanzania to farmworker groups in Oregon, we help groups build their own radio stations as tools for their vital social justice organizing.

Every day, Prometheus advocates for these groups and their stations, helps them organize with allies near and far for their rights, and works with them to keep their stations thriving and to help leaders teach new radio pioneers the skills needed to own your own media. Prometheus helps community groups navigate the Federal Communications Commission and the radio licensing process, and we provide technical assistance to groups building radio stations. Prometheus also advocates in Congress and at the FCC to protect community radio, and we actively participate in the broader campaign for a better media. Prometheus are tireless in their fight to make community radio stations and other appropriate technologies available to every neighborhood, every city, every town that needs them.