OPEN CALL: Subliminal Statements

Nov 02, 2006 8:18 am
Call for Submissions
Subliminal Statements: Sublunary Statements
First Issue of the Newsletter of the Society for a Subliminal State
Due November 21, 2006, Midnight

Subliminal Statements is looking for essays for the upcoming Sublunary Edition. Details follow.


The Subliminal Statements newsletter prints articles and essays on subliminal history: writing about the agency of land - a broader reality beyond that which we can see - a world in which past, present, and future combine. The theme of the first issue of the Society newsletter is "Sublunary Statements." Sublunary, meaning "beneath the moon" or "of this earth" refers to all that takes place here on the earth's surface. We want your articles about the thin slices of reality that comprise the built environment in which we live, or our everyday experience, and how these things are evidences of something else.


Subliminal Statements is published in newspaper format. Accordingly, we will accept articles and essays written in a style befitting a newspaper: written as though reported, brief editorials, etc. Photos, drawings, or illustrations should accompany articles only, and must be able to be printed in black and white.


Text submissions should be a maximum of 1500 words, though we will accept excerpts of longer documents. There is no minimum length. In fact, the shorter, the better. Submit your text as .rtf, .txt, or .doc files, and your images as .png, .tiff, .jpeg, or .gif (8 MB max). E-mail your submissions to subhist @ with the subject line: Subliminal Statements Submission. Your submissions must be received by midnight on November 21, 2006. If accepted, your submissions will be published in the first issue of the Society for a Subliminal State Newsletter, a newspaper-style compact format print publication, and on the Society's web site. The print version will be distributed for free to bookstores, art events and historical centers in New York. It may be downloaded and copied for wider distribution.
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