OPEN CALL: Foldback Sound Festival August 2006

Jun 02, 2006 3:11 pm
Call for Submissions

Foldback Sound Festival August 2006

Curators: Matt Lewis, Tom Richards, Sebastian Lexer
3rd July deadline for all submissions

Foldback will be a three day festival held at Reception Space (Cremer St, Shoreditch. from the 3rd to the 5th of August 2006 with an affiliated sound show to be held at Meals and SUVs Gallery in Dalston. www.mealsandsuvs

The main objectives are to bring together a diverse cross section of sound practitioners to meet, compare notes and present new and existing work in a loosely categorised framework. The event will provide a platform for education, new collaborations, and a celebration of many types of sound based creativity.

The Event will be split in to five sections as follows:

Thurs 3rd August- Soundtrack First
An evening focusing on the relationship between sound/music and moving image. To include performances and screenings that investigate the dynamic between what we see and what we hear in film and video, looking at soundtracks, foley, music video, broadcasts and more.
Submissions are welcome from musicians, sound artists, visual artists and film makers working in any genre. Proposals might be for works using found material, improvised soundtracks, remixed or re-scored films or films where the soundtrack provides the starting point for the visual content.

Fri 4th August- New Retro Sound Machines
A day of presentations on new musical instruments, with a special focus on instruments in the acoustic or analogue realm. In the age of laptop musicians and Max Patches- there are still inventors and musicians coming up with fresh sounds with no computers necessary. This will be a chance for them to explain and demonstrate their audio wares, and compare notes on this under-represented world of musical invention. Submissions welcome.

Sat 5th August- Interface.
A day of seminars, demonstrations, and discussion on the theme of audio interfacing. We are looking for new ways of communicating with musical and audio hardware/software. As computers become ever more useful and powerful in the audio world are the means of real time control keeping up? Also where does the human input stop and the machine become creator? We want people creating new ways of talking to computers in order to create sound.

Sat 5th August- Odd Meter
Submissions invited for contemporary music that is not in common 4/4 time. Either submit your own work or suggestions for other composers/producers This event will be the closing party and contributions will be collated and mixed by DJ Yuri Suzuki

Satellite Projects for the duration of the event.
We would be interested in any stand alone audio work to be affiliated with the festival. This could be installation work, audio walks, web based work or anything else you might deem relevant, impress us! These projects will be promoted as part of the festival.

Submission Guidelines

Please state clearly which part of the festival you are interested in.

Audio CD/DVD/weblink Max 15 minutes and or written proposal max 500 words. Plus CV and brief outline of technical requirements.

Post to: Foldback
FAO Tom Richards
1st Floor
295 –297 Haggerston Road
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Email to:

Deadline: 3rd July 2006
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